Indoor Console - Stages SIC2 Console User Guide

Recording a Ride

Connect the console to your phone, tablet, or computer to save your ride data to a compatible fitness app.

Before recording your ride, make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your device.

  1. Activate the console by pressing any button and begin pedaling the bike. The console will enter warm up mode after pedaling for 10 seconds, or by pressing the STAGE button.
  2. Open the fitness app on your mobile device and navigate to the sensor connection menu.
  3. Select the console from the list of available sensors. The console will be listed based on the bike number, such as Stages IC 1. If no bike number has been set by the club or studio, the console will show up as Stages IC 0.
  4. Begin the recording or start your activity on your personal device.
  5. Press the STAGE button to begin your activity on the console.
  6. End your activity in the app to save your ride data.