Indoor Console - Stages SIC2 Console User Guide

Results Mode

To end a ride, press and hold the END button for three seconds. Select Yes and press the STAGE button to confirm ending the ride. (The default option is always No.)

End ride screen displays with Yes highlighted

Once a ride is completed, the console enters Results mode. Results mode will display ride maximums and averages, as well as total kilocalories and kilojoules in the message banner and total time and distance at the bottom of the screen.

Results screen showing target power, RPM, speed, and heart rate metrics

Use the RIDE and END buttons to scroll and view each stage individually.

Stage 1 ride screen

  • To save your ride results, see Recording a Ride.
  • To start a new workout, press the STAGE button.
  • Select Yes to restart the console and return to the startup screen.
  • The console will enter Sleep mode after three minutes of inactivity.