Indoor Console - Stages SIC2 Console User Guide

Cadence Sensor Pairing

Pair the console to your ANT+ capable cadence sensor.

Please note: Refer to the sensor manufacturer’s instructions before attempting to connect to the console.

To pair to a cadence sensor:

  1. Activate the console by pressing any button, then press and hold the RIDE and END buttons for 3 seconds to bring up the Settings menu.
  2. From the Settings menu, use the RIDE and END buttons to scroll, and the STAGE button to select Pairing.
  3. Enter ANT ID will appear on the screen. Press the STAGE button to begin entering the ANT ID.

    Red indicates highlighted/blinking digit.

  4. Use the RIDE and END buttons to move left and right and highlight the digits
    (0-9) in the banner. Press the STAGE button to select a number. Select the back arrow to go back to the previous digit in the ANT ID.
  5. When the number matches the ANT+ ID number on the cadence sensor, press the STAGE button to begin the pairing process. Spin the cranks to wake the cadence sensor.
    Screen displays cadence sensor spin crank with 30 seconds in the bottom right
    The console will search for the sensor for 30 seconds, or until it is successfully paired.
  6. If pairing is successful, Paired will appear on the screen.Paired screen
  7. If the pairing process fails, proceed to step 7.Fail screen
    Please note: Verify that the sensor is paired by riding the bike in Warm Up mode and pedaling above 20 RPM.
  8. If the pairing process fails:
    1. Make sure that fresh batteries are installed in the sensor.
    2. Spin the cranks to activate the sensor.
  9. Press the STAGE button to get to the Retry screen, then press the STAGE button again to select Yes to restart the pairing process, or No to exit.Retry screen displays with yes highlighted