Indoor Console - Stages SIC2 Console User Guide

Updating Firmware

Both the console and ANT/BLE firmware are updated periodically to improve functionality. These updates are combined in new firmware releases so that both can be updated simultaneously.

To update the firmware on the SIC2 console:

  1. Check the current firmware on the console.
  2. Go to the SIC2 Console Firmware Release page to see if there is a newer version available.
  3. Follow the steps to download and extract the firmware files, then save them to an empty USB drive.
  4. Insert the drive into the back of the console.
  5. Activate the console by pressing any button, then press and hold the RIDE and END buttons for 3 seconds to bring up the Settings menu.
  6. From the Settings menu, use the RIDE and END buttons to scroll, and the STAGE button to select System.
  7. From the System menu, select Update.