Indoor Console - Stages SIC1 Console User Guide

Replacing the Batteries

IMPORTANT: Replace or recharge the batteries as soon as possible when the Low Battery warning appears. If you do not replace or recharge the batteries, the console may shut down or the power meter may stop transmitting data to the console. When the batteries for the console or the power meter need to be replaced or recharged, one of the following low battery warnings shown will appear in the message banner:

When the console battery is low, the banner will flash CNSL with a crossed out battery icon.


When the power meter battery is low, the console will display PWR with a crossed out battery icon. See the Power Meter’s User Guide for instructions.

The console can use three standard alkaline C batteries, or a rechargeable battery pack (not included.)

The console and the power meter can also use C NiMH (nickel-metal hydride) rechargeable batteries. These batteries have a longer battery life for each charge compared to standard alkaline batteries and can be charged up to 500 times. These rechargeable batteries are a good option for high-use environments, such as fitness clubs. Make sure to use low-discharge rechargeable batteries that have at least a 2500mAh capacity.

To replace the console batteries:

1. Remove the console from the battery cover and insert the batteries into the battery compartment.

2. Make sure to orient the batteries as shown by the diagram inside the battery compartment.

3. Reattach the console to the battery cover.