Indoor Console - Stages SIC1 Console User Guide

Results Mode

1. The RESULTS mode is visible when a rider completes their activity by ending the ride.

From the STAGE mode, press and hold the AVG/END button for 3 seconds to end the ride. The word RESULTS will appear in the message banner.

2. To view and save data for the ride:

When the RESULTS mode is selected, the console will show the data for the ride. If there is a USB drive inserted into the USB port, the data for the ride will also be saved to the USB drive (see Display Features).

The time and distance displays will show the time for the entire ride and the distance for the entire ride. The left displays will show the maximum values achieved for the ride and the right displays will show the average values for the ride.

The message banner will also show the KJ (kilojoules) and the KCAL (kilocalories) values in a repeating cycle.



3. Enter SLEEP mode. From the RESULTS mode, the console will enter Sleep Mode after 3 minutes of inactivity.