Indoor Console - Stages SIC1 Console User Guide

Console Settings

To select the SETTINGS mode, press and hold the BACKLIGHT and AVG/END buttons for 5 seconds. The Settings menu will appear in the message banner.
To exit SETTINGS mode, press the AVG/END button until the word BACK appears in the message banner. Then, press the STAGE button. The console will exit SETTINGS mode.

You can use the console buttons to navigate through the menus and change console settings.

The menu options will appear in the message banner.

  • Press the STAGE button to select a menu option or enter a setting.
  • Press the BACKLIGHT button to move to the previous menu option.
  • Press the AVG/END button to move to the next menu option.



The settings menu contains the following menu options:

PAIRING—Select this menu option to pair the console to a power meter.

DISPLAY—Select this menu option to select your preferred units of measurement for the console, change the backlight duration, and adjust the contrast level of the displays.

SYSTEM—Select this menu option to enable or disable the AUTO PAUSE mode, to enable or disable the USB port, to view information about console usage, and to manage the console firmware.

BIKE #—Select this menu option to assign an identification number to the console.

Note: This will ensure that the console remains attached to the correct exercise bike and paired power sensor.

BACK—Select this menu option to exit the settings menu. To exit a menu or to exit the SETTINGS mode, select the BACK menu option repeatedly.