Indoor Power Meter - Stages Indoor Power Meter Gen. 3 User Guide

Battery Replacement

Before proceeding with a battery replacement, see our related Technical Service Bulletin: TSB 05122023 – Indoor Power Meter Battery Compartment.

  1. Remove the (2) battery cover screws.
    Turn Philips screwdriver counterclockwise to remove screws and slide away battery cover.
  2. Insert (2) AA batteries according to the orientation shown on the power meter.
    Two batteries inserted into case. Top battery with positive facing inward and outward on the bottom.
  3. Replace the battery cover and (2) screws. Do not over-tighten the screws as this may damage the battery case.

Note: If this illustration does not match your Stages Power meter, please see the Stages Indoor Gen. 2 Power Meter Battery Installation page.