Indoor Power Meter - Stages Indoor Power Meter Gen. 3 User Guide

Power Meter Installation

  1. Remove the left (non-drive side) pedal using a pedal wrench (turn clockwise to remove). *Skip to step 2 if no pedal is installed, or step 3 if no crank arm is installed.
  2. Remove the left (non-drive side) crank arm using an 8 mm hex wrench.
  3. Remove the rubber band surrounding the battery housing on the power meter and the plastic spacer between the band and the reset button.
  4. See TSB 05122023 – Indoor Power Meter Battery Compartment to determine if additional steps are required for the battery installation.
  5. Install power meter to the specified torque (52-57 N·m) using an 8 mm hex wrench.
  6. Install pedal to power meter crank arm (turn counter-clockwise to secure). Thread the pedal by hand as far as possible to avoid cross-threading.