Indoor Power Meter - Stages Indoor Power Meter Gen. 3 User Guide

Power Meter Installation

    1. Remove the left (non-drive side) pedal using a pedal wrench (turn clockwise to remove). *Skip to step 2 if no pedal is installed, or step 3 if no crank arm is installed.

      Stages Indoor Bike and detached pedal with pedal wrench moving clockwise to remove the pedal.


    2. Remove left (non-drive side) crank arm using an 8 mm hex wrench.

      Hex wrench turning counterclockwise to remove the crank arm.


    3. Remove the rubber band surrounding the battery housing on the power meter and the plastic spacer between the band and the reset button.

      Rubber band and plastic spacer being removed from power meter and discarded.


    4. Install power meter to specified torque (52-57 N·m) using an 8 mm hex wrench.

      Hex wrench turning clockwise to install the crank arm.


    5. Install pedal to power meter crank arm (turn counter-clockwise to secure). Thread the pedal by hand as far as possible to avoid cross-threading.

      Pedal wrench turning counterclockwise to install pedal to crank arm.