Indoor Power Meter - Stages Indoor Power Meter Gen. 3 User Guide


If power (watts) or cadence (RPM) signal is not being received by a compatible display unit when riding the bike, please confirm the following items:

  1. Confirm that working AA batteries are properly installed in the power meter according to Battery Replacement steps and the white isolation band has been removed.
  2. Ride the bike with a pedaling cadence of 20 RPM or greater. The power meter will not send cadence or wattage when being turned by hand; once normal pedaling forces are applied, the device will begin broadcasting power and cadence.
  3. Ensure that the power meter has been successfully paired to the display unit according to the manufacturer’s specific instructions (see Pairing the Power Meter).
  4. Connect to the Stages Power app to confirm the power meter is powered on and functional.
  5. If the power meter is still not functioning correctly after performing steps 1-4 listed above, you may want to perform a Hard Reset to restart the power meter software.

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