Indoor Power Meter - Stages Indoor Power Meter Gen. 2 User Guide

Manual Zero

When paired to a Stages console or compatible head unit, the power meter and head unit are in two-way communication; the head unit is able to send a command to the power meter to perform a zero reset, and in some cases, the resulting zero reset value will be sent back from the power meter to the display unit and will be shown on the screen. Please note the displayed zero reset value will NOT be zero, but rather a number that corresponds to the measurement taken by the sensor. The head unit will indicate whether the procedure succeeded or failed. This process may be referred to as a zero reset, calibration, or zero offset depending on the head unit manufacturer.

To manually calibrate the zero offset of the power meter:

  1. Rotate the power meter one revolution to ensure the power meter is awake and communicating with the Stages console or head unit.
  2. Position the cranks vertically.

    Close-up of cranks in vertical position with up/down arrow beside them.

  3. Follow the Stages Console instructions for Performing a Zero Reset or see manufacturer’s instructions for other display units being used with the power meter.