SC1 Bike - Stages SC1 Online User Guide


Due to the weight of the bike, we highly recommend assembling the bike with a partner. The bike weighs over 100 lbs. and cannot be easily lifted by one person without significant risk of injury. Once assembled, the bike can be tilted onto its moving wheels and can be safely moved by one person.

Tools required:

  • Box knife
  • Diagonal cutters
  • Optional: Flathead screwdriver or other tool to assist in staple removal.

To open the box:

  1. With the box standing upright, pry open the top of the box using your hands or a flat head screw driver to pry up the staples.
  2. Using the box knife, cut along the sides of the long side of the box on both sides so that the sides of the box can fold down toward the floor.
    WARNING: Use extreme caution when using a sharp blade. Always cut away from your body.
  3. Remove the accessory boxes from the box.
  4. With assistance from another person, lift the bike out of the box and set onto the cardboard or a protected area of the floor.
  5. Use the diagonal cutters to cut the large zip ties holding together the packing stabilizers under the bike.
  6. Remove other plastic and packaging materials. If facilities are available, recycle all applicable materials.

From here, you are ready to begin assembling the bike.