SC2 Bike - Stages SC2 Online User Guide


Inspect for and replace any worn parts immediately using only manufacturer-approved parts, or remove equipment from use until repaired. The safety level of equipment is only maintained when equipment is examined regularly for damage and wear.

IMPORTANT: To avoid damage to the indoor cycling bike and prevent injury to the user, use only manufacturer-supplied pedals when the bike is used in a commercial setting. Other pedals may not be designed for use in fitness clubs or indoor cycling studios and may be dangerous.


  • Wipe down the bike using mild soap and water or a mild cleaner—do not use products with ammonium chloride to clean the bike.


  • Lubricate sliding tubes (handlebar and seat stems, fore/aft sliders) using silicone lubricant.
  • Inspect pedals for fraying straps, broken bindings, and tightness.
  • Visually inspect all hardware components.
  • Check for unusual noises while riding.


  • Inspect and adjust FitLocs for proper tension.
  • Check crank bolt tension (torque to 52-57 N⋅m or 38-42 ft⋅lb).


  • Replace pedals for maximum performance and safety.