SC3 Bike - Stages SC3 Online User Guide

Step 4: Install power meter

a. Before installation, remove the white band and plastic spacer from around the power meter.

b. To install the power meter (#10) onto the exposed splines of the bottom bracket, ensure that the power meter is parallel to the user-right crank.

c. Carefully begin to thread the power meter onto the bike. Using an 8 mm hex wrench, tighten to a minimum of 52-57 N⋅m and until there is no visible gap between the crank arm and the bike.

Exclamation icon. WARNING: If not installed to the proper torque, it is possible for a crank arm to become detached while riding. For maximum safety, please follow the instructions precisely to tighten the crank arm fully onto the bike. Periodically check crank arm torque as a part of the maintenance routine.

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Hex wrench turning clockwise to install the crank arm.