Stages Studio - Release Notes

Current release: v1.15.0.

Date: 08/31/21

Current Release #: v1.15.0

Replaces Release #: v1.14.0


  • Updated functionality allowing Stages to manage custom configurations for the Solo tablet.

Date: 9/28/20

Current Release #: v1.14.0

Replaces Release #: v1.12.2

New Features:

  • Flight locations moved into subscription model.
  • Edit Location page split into two tabs; EDIT LOCATION and FLIGHT SUBSCRIPTIONS.
  • Some non-usable fields in the EDIT LOCATION tab removed.
  • Ability to edit subscriptions on Solo and Flight locations from Web added.
  • Subscription ID field added to Solo subscriptions.
  • Method to export Flight and Solo subscriptions into “.csv” file added.
  • Ability to edit and import Flight and Solo subscriptions on Web added.
  • Color added to differentiate Flight and Solo locations on the LOCATIONS page.

Other Information:

  • All new features increase functionality of for those with Super Admin credentials and are not public facing.

Date: 2/5/20

Current Release #: v1.12.2

Replaces Release #: v1.12.1(HotFix)


  • Improve subscription status and date search for super admins.
  • Customer ID field added to Locations page.
  • Downloads tab added to top menu on the home page.
  • Increase number of digits allowed in phone numbers to 15.
  • Optimize the top list for clubs.
  • Optimize the achievements for unregistered users and saving graphs.
  • Improve user experience when uploading video.

Bug Fixes:

  • Various fixes related to Solo subscriptions

Date: 1/24/20

Current Release #: v1.12.1(HotFix)

Replaces Release #: v1.12.0

Bug Fixes:

  • Super admin can now enter ten-digits or less in the “Customer ID” field.
  • New Google Maps and YouTube API keys implemented.

Date: 1/22/20

Current Release #: v1.12.0

Replaces Release #: v1.9.0


  • Improvements to Solo Group software update
  • Location Admin Improvements
  • Improve UX for Solo Overachiever top list
  • Improve experience transfer on Solo device by adding “Select all location” and “Select all devices”

Date: 6/6/19

Current Release #: v1.9.0

Replaces Release #: v1.8.2(HotFix)

New Features:

  • Removed the landing page on the mobile view that redirected users to download the Stages Flight mobile app. Users now land on log in page.

Bug Fixes:

  • Users – A gap in zone percentages led to incorrect ride summaries and shortened time spent in zones.
  • Club Admins – The User Admin section wouldn’t highlight if the Club Admins section was chosen first.
  • Auto login of various Polar Heart Rate sensors did not work.
  • Integrated locations – User account phone numbers created via MindBody, ZingFit or Classpass were not saving or displaying correctly on
  • Instructors – After creating or editing a route in Route Maker, the following server error would appear, “A generic error occurred in GDI+”.

Important Notes:

  • May 24th we pushed a single HotFix for the following issue: “Delete booking” icon wasn’t working on the mobile booking page.
  • June 3rd we pushed a single HotFix to help improve performance of Solo Analytics. Even with the fix, it was determined that a larger more in-depth optimization of the analytics module was needed. Therefore, we will be hiding the analytics module from Super Admins and Club Admins for the next two weeks while we refactor this feature for improved performance

Other Information:

  • This is a minor release, the primary objective was to deploy minor bug fixes and a HotFix for the integrated customers whose user phone numbers were not displaying correctly on

Date: 5/2/19

Current Release #: v1.8.0

Replaces Release #: v1.7.1(HotFix)

New Features:

  • Solo Club Admins can now access the “Analytics” page for Solo locations and devices that they have permission to manage.
  • ZingFit customers can enter their FTP on the ZingFit side of the integration and have it transfer to without user interaction.
  • Users with ZingFit and MindBody Online integrations can take advantage of auto-schedule features for classes without instructors.
  • In preparation for our new Windows Build that will support up to 100 bikes, the bike map grid now supports a 25 X 25 bike configurable space; perfect for unique room layouts. The current number of bikes supported when using video is 60. This number will increase to 100 with the release of the new WPF build, expected in 2 weeks.


  • All “success” messages are blue. All “error or malformed request” messages are red.
  • Consistency of size, space and placement of confirmation and information pop-ups throughout the site.
  • Media Cloud: Text in the Search panel was not clearly visible (same color as background) on “Send to locations”/”Send to devices” pages.

Bug Fixes:

  • Privacy settings were being overwritten for certain users that used both the Flight mobile applications and
  • Certain Stages Solo users were not receiving system emails telling them to complete their account.
  • Certain Stages Solo users would see a discrepancy in the time stamp between the post workout email and the dashboard.
  • A scheduled session was created only after double clicking on the “Save” button.
  • Users whose email address contained a capital letter would not show up on top lists.
  • Solo Analytics: The # of Times Completed for each ride was not changing in the “MOST POPULAR SELECT A RIDE” section if a user neglected to save their workout.
  • Black Box Edition: “Ooops… something went wrong” message appears when user clicks on a workout that has data only from HR Sensors.
  • Workout API (integrated customers) did contain the Location ID and Location’s name.

Important Notes:

  • Solo Club Analytics: Currently this push does not include total ride time when users choose to ride on the Solo bike without starting a ride. In other words, if a user walks away mid-ride or pauses and never comes back, those statistics currently do not count in analytics. We will be pushing this in the next release and we expect it will cause a substantial uptick in total ride hours. In other words, “time on bikes” will increase

Other Information:

  • In our previous web release, we pushed a mobile pin code feature to user’s profiles in preparation for the upcoming Solo feature; login via phone number and mobile pin. Currently users can set their pin under PASSWORD AND PIN, but as of today, the 4-digit pin feature is not active until the next Solo release.