Stages Studio - Stages Flight Windows Platform (WPF) Release Notes

Download the latest software release v1.6.4:

Go to and select DOWNLOADS.

Scroll down on the page and select DOWNLOAD v1.6.4.

This video will guide you through the installation process.

StagesFlight: How to update to the newest software version

Date: 1/9/20

Current Web Release #: v1.6.4

Replaces Web Release #: 1.5.19


  • Performance enhancements for Flight Control APIs.

Bug Fixes:

  • Issue with YouTube videos not playing.

Date: 3/20/19

Current Web Release #: v1.5.19

Replaces Web Release #: v1.5.10.9


  • Auto-ending session logic was introduced. At the scheduled end time of your session, the instructor will see a pop-up on the Flight Control app (for laptop customers this will appear on the laptop screen).
  • The version has all necessary endpoints for working with all the features of Stages Flight Control application.
  • Improved logic of YouTube videos.
  • Users weight validation and handling is now consistent everywhere across all Stages Flight products.
  • Removed dependency on “ANT+”/”Bluetooth” HR sensor type on web.
  • Added logic for HR sensors where auto-login of HR sensors is on.
  • WASP lib was updated.
  • Tracking of anonymous users in unscheduled sessions has been removed.

Bug Fixes:

  • Issue with Instructor profile and video choices clearing prior to START.
  • Overwrite booking functionality works as expected.
  • Removed or demoted instructors will no longer appear in the list of instructors upon the next StagesFlight windows platform launch.
  • Certain cases that caused registered users to be dropped from their bikes at the start of a scheduled session.
  • It is now possible to hide the gauges of users who are using heart rate monitors.
  • Users with HR sensors who are auto-logged in no longer appear twice in the list of users.