Indoor Console - Stages SIC2 Console Firmware Release

Download the .ZIP file for the current firmware release.

Download firmware

Extract the firmware folder from the .ZIP file and save to an empty USB drive. The file must be in the top level of the drive directory, not within another folder. Remove any older firmware files from the USB before attempting to add the most recent update.

  1. Activate the console by pressing any button.
  2. Press and hold the RIDE and END buttons for 3 seconds to enter the Settings menu.
  3. Use the END button to scroll down and highlight System; press the STAGE button to select. Use the END button to scroll down and highlight Update; press the STAGE button to select.
  4. The console will ask you to confirm installation. Press STAGE to confirm the update.

The update process will begin, first updating ANT/BLE, then the console firmware. The console will display an Updated message along with the current console firmware number when the process is complete, then restart after a few seconds.

Date: 2/16/2022 (m/d/y)

Current STM Release #: 9.13 (03)

Replaces STM Release #: 9.12 (52)

Current nRF Release #: 3.1.17

Replaces nRF Release #: 3.1.16


  • Changed Banner Display message from “Sensors Not Connected” to “Pedal to Wake Sensor”.
  • Added a NO ZONE Stage page for clubs utilizing upper body or off-bike workouts during rides.
  • Added Shutdown and Battery modes to the System Menu.
    • Selecting Shutdown mode will put the console into sleep mode.
    • Battery Menu additions:
      • Added a Fast Charge RPM feature, allowing to select the minimum RPM to fast charge the battery.
      • Added a Wall Charge feature allowing the battery to charge with a 5V wall adapter.
  • Added a No Zone Timeout mode to the Custom menu, allowing the console to remain in the No Zone stage for a set time before going to sleep.
  • Added Config File import option under Systems menu.
  • Added Custom Profile updates.

Bug Fixes:

  • N/A

Date: 8/18/2021 (m/d/y)

Current STM Release #: 9.12 (52)

Replaces STM Release #: 9.12 (48)

Current nRF Release #: 3.1.16


  • Reduced the minimum cadence for fast charging the battery from 90 rpm to 60 rpm.

Bug Fixes:

  • Console no longer stays on if left on the following screens:
    • Warm Up Screen after performing a Zero Reset
    • Restart (yes/no) Screen

Date: 3/15/2021 (m/d/y)

Current STM Release #: 9.12 (48)

Replaces STM Release #: 9.10 (47)

Current nRF Release #: 3.1.16

Replaces nRF Release #: 3.1.15

Bug Fixes:

  • Battery timeout menu now returns to the main system menu rather than the battery menu.

Date: 11/23/2020 (m/d/y)

Current STM Release #: 9.10 (47)

Replaces STM Release #: 9.10 (43)

Current nRF Release #: 3.1.15

Replaces nRF Release #: 3.1.9



  • Improved number selection in ANT ID and bike number menus.
  • Bike number appears on startup and warm up screens whether there are any paired devices or not.


Bug Fixes:

  • Sleep timer works in weight entry retry menu.
  • The console enters Pause mode after 30 seconds of no cadence.
  • Pressing RIDE or END from the “Enter ANT ID” page causes the console to return to the Sensor Selection menu.
  • Text rollover works on the Power Sensor Statistics page.
  • Display returns to the System Settings menu from the Battery Level Sensor menu after 3 seconds of no input.
  • The console goes back to the Pairing menu (instead of Start Up mode) when selecting “No” from the Zero Reset menu.
  • Heartrate monitor pairs only during Workout mode.
  • Assigned bike number is transferred in console broadcast to other devices.
  • Phone connection symbol appears in display.
  • Gear number appears in Workout mode.
  • Power meter proximity pairing works as expected.
  • Warmup metrics are not included in ride results summary.

Date: 8/14/2020 (m/d/y)

Current STM Release #: 9.10 (43)

Current nRF Release #: 3.1.9

Replaces STM Release #: 9.10 (40)


  • Stage Average Hold Time added to custom display options.
  • New default option to reset the profile to default, depending on connected sensors (power or cadence).

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed instances of zeros appearing in the speed display.
  • Corrected cadence warmup speed reading.
  • LED Button settings confirmation changed from “Backlight” to “Brightness”.
  • Conversion metrics for power and cadence profiles corrected.
  • Icons appear correctly when entering weight in metric mode.
  • Cadence profile stage metrics now save correctly.

Date: 7/30/2020 (m/d/y)

Current STM Release #: 9.10 (40)

Current nRF Release #: 3.1.9

Replaces STM Release #: 9.10 (36)


  • Changed the Settings sub-menu to say “Back” (instead of “Exit”).
  • Previous stage data is displayed for 3 seconds when advancing to the next stage.
  • Battery charging improvements.
  • Ability to backspace when entering numerical values such as ANT ID and bike number.

Bug Fixes:

  • Bluetooth broadcast repaired.

Date: 6/17/20 (m/d/y)

STM Release #: 9.10 (36)

nRF Release #: 3.1.9

  • Initial public release.